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HealthGAINS – Changing lives one patient at a time.

At HealthGAINS we are all about helping you to achieve peak performance at any age. We are living in a remarkable time, and it is our goal to help you experience everything life has to offer.

Our integrative age management programs will help you to be stronger, more vital and remain active and productive through middle age and beyond.

HealthGAINS patients report life-changing results such as significant weight loss, improved mood, more energy, and just “feeling younger.”

All of our programs are overseen by board certified physicians. In addition, you will work with Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants who all specialize in age optimization and integrative health and wellness. You will even be assigned your own lifestyle coach!

Results You Can See

As a member of HealthGAINS, you will achieve your personal best, physically, emotionally and mentally. You can expect to become physically stronger, sharper mentally, and less stressed, all while reducing your risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other age related diseases and metabolic syndromes.

Your personalized program will be designed to help you:

  • Lose weight and build lean muscle
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Improve cognition and focus
  • Fight depression, anxiety and stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Make positive lifestyle changes

The HealthGAINS Guarantee

sidebarguaranteeHealthGAINS is so sure we can do for you, what we have done for so many
other men and women, that we are offering– GUARANTEED RESULTS – for anyone
starting a program with us.

HealthGAINS is so confident that you will be satisfied with the results of your age-management program—we will give you this unprecedented guarantee in writing! 

If you do not see results by the scheduled end of your anti-aging program, HealthGAINS will refund your money. Its just that simple!

Dr. Richard Gaines

The medical director of HealthGAINS is Richard Gaines, MD, FAARM, ABAARM. Dr. Gaines is over sixty and, yet is still joyfully engaging in extreme sports such as hang gliding, mountain climbing, kite surfing, helicopter skiing, and scuba diving.

He has developed our life-changing “members only” programs based on the latest scientific research, and his professional expertise and personal experience.

As Dr. Gaines has dedicated himself to exploring and understanding the reasons why and how we age, he has created a road map for healthy living that not only increases your vitality, but will also help you to avoid the typical diseases that shorten your life, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.